The Simplest Brew

A tutorial to demonstrate homebrewing from the very beginning. This recipe can be purchased for around $15 from your local homebrew store. The Simplest Brew will walk you step by step in an easy to understand way showing you everything you need to know about brewing a simple American Pale Ale.

How to Bottle

This tutorial will demonstrate how to bottle using a bottling bucket and will show you how to carbonate a beer with common granulated sugar.

All-Grain Brewing

All-grain brewing is a way of taking your brewing to a new level. It allows you to have more control over your recipe and creates a whole new world of opportunities as far as selection goes. There is a huge selection of grains that just don't have equivalents in the extract scene.

Making A Mash/Lauter Tun From A Cooler

All grain brewing doesn't have to be an expensive endeavor. It will however take about an hour for you to construct. If you don't want to build your own you can buy a mash tun and lauter tun a little more money. If you are just getting started with all grain brewing and don't want to build your own, Phil's Lauter tun is a good place to start but rest assured, building your own isn't too much work.

Batch Sparging

Batch sparging is a very easy way to go about sparging and allows you to use the cooler you converted into a Mash/Lauter tun using this tutorial. Batch sparging also offers an inexpensive way to get into all grain brewing.

Fly Sparging

Fly sparging requires a little more equipment than Batch sparging. However, you can still use the cooler you converted into a Mash/Lauter tun using this tutorial. Fly sparging is a standard method of sparging and is supposed to offer better efficiency than Batch sparging. This fact however, is debatable.