Dogfish Head's Sam Calagione and Sierra Nevada's Ken Grossman have worked with a German glassware company to create the perfect glass from which to enjoy IPAs. You can find the full article on the LA Times site

There's already a huge collection of glasses a brewer might own to amplify the enjoyment of their craft beer. A hole science exists to selecting the correct glass type for the style of beer you're drinking. Whole books have been written about selecting the correct glass for your beer. You can even pick up a sampler set of glasses to try the different styles for yourself.

Although it doesn't appear that you can buy the Spiegelau IPA glass yet (you have to pre-order), we'd be interested to hear your thoughts in the comments on whether the new shape will make your IPAs taste even better or if its just a marketing plan to sell some more glasses. We'd also like to know if you're a stickler to matching your glass with your beer or if you think all beer is amazing in a pint glass.

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Atasha Rays
  |  117 months 27 days ago
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This is cool! Correct glass type for your beer makes drinking more fun. Though the slow economy has made most of us tighten our belts, it seems costs continue to rise. As the summer season approaches, with promises of barbecues and outdoor activities, beer costs escalate faster than they have in three years. Even if beer prices continue to rise and rise, no one can stop us to party and enjoy our favorite beer!
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