It's uh... it's been a while. We over here at Brewology know that the site has been neglected. We also recently considered shutting it down due to ongoing server costs. This decision wasn't something we really wanted to make. So we're not.

Brewology has been around for almost 10 years now and while we've seen the number of active users go up and down over the years. It's always been a tool that we, the founders, have used for every batch of beer we've brewed. We know there are still people using brewology for their own brewing sessions. We discover this every time the site hiccups on the database connection and emails come in to let us know. Reliability has been a bit of an issue over the past year and it's been quite some time since there was anything other than a breakfix put in place after server patches were installed.

With all of that said, the decision came to take the site down or stop screwing around and fix some things. We've chosen the latter. After seeing the notice that BrewToad was going away, we couldn't stand the thought of not having some place to store our recipes and easily create new ones. For this reason, we plan to perform a complete overhaul of the site. This will include replacing/modernizing the entire site. We plan to improve the site reliability and fix a list of issues we run into while brewing and creating recipes. The change-over will occur with the site being swapped out first. This will include dropping the mobile restriction on the Ale Abacus on the website. In other words, when the new site goes live, you'll be able to edit recipes on directly. After we've stabilized the changes on the website, we plan to rework the iOS and Android apps. In the interim, we'll be looking at what it will take to make the current apps work with the new site. To top it off, we also have a list of new features we'd like to add.

Unfortunately, we do not have a timeline on when the new site or apps will be ready. I just wanted to let everyone know that change is coming. Hopefully it is a welcome one and we'll be able to get everyone on a better brewing assistant soon.

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