The Ale Abacus now has a tab to help you setup your mash. In the Mash Tab locate here:

We hope you enjoy using adding mash steps to your brews so you can better track your recipes. However, the mash capabilities are currently in beta. If you experience any issues with the mash tab or the Ale Abacus in general, please let us know on here.

Also, after we make sure any bugs are worked out of mashing, we will be adding the mash capability to the Brewing Assistant. Because this will be a fairly major update, we would like to know if there are any other capabilities you would like to see in the app. If you have something you would really like to see, please let us know in the Comments or email us on the Contact page.
Brewer Comments
  |  108 months ago
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It would be ncie to include an additional infusion calculation capability when the mash is currently being done. Unplanned lower mash target temps could be fixed on the fly.
  |  103 months 11 days ago
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Used this for the first time yesterday. Love the synch between my iPhone 3 and Mac. Would like to see audible alarms for the timers and ability to modify milestones/additions/etc. Also, could not find the calculated volumes for infusion and sparge on my phone's version. I'll look again. Thanks for a great, user-freindly product.
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