The Brewing Assistant for iPhone is now available in the App Store.  Click here to download it. 

The Brewing Assistant is an extension of the Ale Abacus. It is a way to carry your recipes with you. With the ability to edit your recipes on your mobile device, the Brewing Assistant increases the functionality of the Ale Abacus. The app will automatically try to synchronize your recipes with the Ale Abacus by default but also allows you to turn off this feature and synchronize your recipes manually. The Brewing Assistant has built in calculators to determine your IBUs, SRM, OG, FG, and ABV while you are changing your recipe. 

The greatest benefit of the Brewing Assistant is the help it can provide while you are brewing. When you select to brew one of your recipes, the page will give you the option to start your Mash and your Boil. Starting the boil will give you a reminder to stir your mash at the interval you set in the Settings (default 15 minutes). If you are brewing an extract beer, you can skip the mash and go directly to starting the boil. This will remind you when its time to add your Hops and Miscellaneous items at the appropriate time in the boil. 

We hope you appreciate the Brewing Assistant as much as we have come to love it while we were brewing. If you have questions, comments, or ideas for improving the Brewing Assistant, please email us at

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